Monday, July 23, 2007

read the label

In the cult film classic (o.k., just kidding) Trapped in Paradise, Dana Carvey plays Alvin Firpo, one of the Firpo brothers recently out of prison and enjoying his first home cooked meal. His mother is dishing up canned creamed corn on his dish. He’s asking for more and more, ‘this corn is wicked good, Mom!’ The film is not quite socially redeeming except for the endorphin stores from laughter.
Wicked takes on many forms, from regional slang to actual heinous crimes the tales of which can cause childhood nightmares and adult psychotic disturbances. Daily frightening statistics and headlines wave in front of my face. Could we possibly live in a more fear provoking time? My daughters aren’t especially excited to bring children into the world as it stands. . .but I remember thinking that myself when I was young and idealistic, idealistic because I thought that sending ZPG (Zero Population Growth!) Christmas cards would make things better.
I realized while trying to write something lofty and wonderful for this week’s prompt that having lived these many years has added one more benefit, that of less fear and an occasional return to childish slapstick humor as therapy. Now I think good people with good ideas can make a change but know that wickedness and evil still exist. This might be just me taking up residence in a cave and for the time being, it is what I can live with: resignation, hope, humor, and possibly some creamed corn.

More wickedness this way comes at Sunday Scribblings.


Marianne said...

I think we're cave neighbors.
Love the ginko leaf!

Crafty Green Poet said...

good people can make a difference its true, lets hope we can make enough of a difference...

Inland Empire Girl said...

I love the new leaf on the top of the page and your song playing. One of my favorites. I can imagine young adults thinking about having children would be tough right now. It is a wicked time. I was glad you ended your post with the word
HOPE! We can make a difference!