Thursday, December 11, 2008

I surrender!

The first of all single colors is white ... We shall set down white for the representative of light, without which no color can be seen; yellow for the earth; green for water; blue for air; red for fire; and black for total darkness.
--Leonardo Da Vinci

When you glaze on a bright white ground it is like looking through colour rather than at it – like looking through stained glass.-- Fred Machetanz

The world is your kaleidoscope, and the varying combinations of colors which at every succeeding moment it presents to you are the exquisitely adjusted pictures of your ever-moving thoughts. --James Edward Allen
White is the color of the week for True Colour's Thursday. White holds hands with blue at times, like shadows on snow, puffy clouds in a clear blue sky, blue eyes in pale skin. My favorite flowers are usually white because they glow in the dark, are bright in the sunlight, and usually smell terrific. Visit Blue to see more photographer's visions in white.

Symphony in White / James Abbott McNeill Whistler


Cloudia said...

Wonderful White!! aloha-

Strider said...

Nice post.

Poopsie Blue said...

That is an amazing & delightful post.
Loved all the images & verse.

Have a great weekend!

Dina ... UK said...

A beautiful white picture....
snap! (Dress)....

i beati said...

I am speechless - so moved by all these scenes..soulful

Paz said...

Lovely white photos. Cute dog. ;-)