Friday, April 17, 2009

I rest my case and my cash!

So, in spite of this recessionary period we're in, I'm feeling benevolent toward my little cat Bean. She has only one scratching post made for that purpose to her name. However, that doesn't mean she's above sharpening her claws on other random pieces of furniture. This causes Dave to threaten to have her declawed which in turn drives me crazyer. She is a tall American Tabby and has to stoop to use her assigned post. Long story short, I paid $6 for this little gadget which promised that cats love it and it will save my furniture. Even Erica's cat, who is a bit, shall we say, s.i.m.p.l.e. loves hers and uses it religiously.

Not so, Beanhead.

There is, incidently, no way of talking about cats that enables one to come off as a sane person.

Dan Greenberg

Happy Friday anyway!


Sarah said...

LOL Noni - I bought one of those too. My preschoolers use it as a car ramp for hotwheels. My cat completely ignores it - sigh.

Daryl said...

We bought one of those and Gus loved it .. he used it all the time in fact he tore through it but he also loved using the couch and arm chair too .. so I got another which he decided it was more fun to sit on ... sigh .. when we adopted Rose I got one of those sisal tall expensive ones which also has a base the is sisal covered.. Rose uses it exclusively but Gus only uses the bottom as he walks past he steps on it, scratches once and walks on .. to the couch where he stretches and then scratches .. trust me he gets yelled at, swatted (gently!) but nothing convinces him to use the real scataching post.

I think if they are not introduced to the post the minute you bring them home, they will never use it.

And I dont plan on getting a new couch til after Gus has passed .. which we hope is not for a long time ..

Poetikat said...

Hmmm. We are over-run with scratching posts in this house! Tall carpet "condos" and small stacks...everywhere. All are used on a regular basis.


i beati said...

Happy little Bean sandy