Monday, July 12, 2010

daisy chains

Sometimes life can be just a field of wild daisies. We're in high summer now with an early spring and lots of rain since June. Flowers and foliage are lush and green. Both of these photos were taken in the same lake park where I walk--the field this summer and the closeup in the same spot two years ago. Like life, too, some things never change.
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Carver said...

Beautiful fields of wildflowers.

Snap said...

such happy flowers!!! (have kitty in one arm and typing with the other)

jabblog said...

I love the butterfly so beautifully poised on the daisy. I like any excuse to make daisy chains ;-)

Donna said...

Great time of the year especially with the rains!
Love the photos!

Rena said...

So beautiful. I love the little round butterfly on the the round daisy..

Lui said...

Simply beautiful!