Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday marvels

So, its Monday morning and I'm driving home on a busy road along Sucker Lake when I see brake lights ahead. That's nothing unusual considering the road construction and repair going on in Minnesota these days. . .but when we started moving again I saw a 20-something guy jump out from an old car in the oncoming lane full of other guys who all looked like they were going fishing. As their car pulled off the road I saw the first guy run up the road and cross over traffic to the center line where he tenderly picked up a turtle, escorting it the other side of the road where he placed it in the soft, green grass. While he ran back to meet his buddies, I realized that Rosemary Clooney was singing  the 1952 song 'Tenderly' on the radio.
This just could be a great week ahead, for me and the turtle.


Snap said...

Gorgeous image and I love the turtle story. I remember doing that once, but I took the turtle to the wrong side of the road ... he wanted to go the other way... had to go back and get him safely across the road one more time! :D :D :D Rosemary Clooney ... YES!

Pietro said...

What a fine post, Noni. The image is fascinating, and the turtle story is lovely indeed. As for th video, I'll watch it later on with a faster connection.
Have a pleasant day!

Kate said...

Yes, it is a great turtle story.

Michael Twin said...

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