Wednesday, August 8, 2007

always leave 'em laughing

To be sure, one never knows where the day will lead. Yesterday I sadly deposited Erica at the airport, saying goodbye after a whirlwind week. Dave is still away on his class reunion bash, calling periodically to regale me with all the events and people he's visiting while in Idaho. Today dawned as one that had great promise, cooler temperatures, perhaps a walk on a trail around Snail Lake, coffee and a scone as a reward, a dip in the community pool; you know, the usual 'while the cat's away' drill.

Then the day took on a different hue when I noticed Bean, the cat, slinking around the corner. It really seemed like a great notion to chase her and watch her fly across the room. . .except for the split second the toe of my shoe caught the carpet off guard, throwing me across the room, landing on my knees. Suffice it to say, the bigger you are the harder you fall. Of course, it was the knee bone that is connected to the leg bone that was broken several years ago in four places and is now held together with a rod from knee to ankle, held in there by screws. I mention this because any 'weighty' jarring of this knee sends my leg on a roller coaster ride of pain, around and around that titanium rod.

A pathetic visual of the rest of my day shows me on the sofa eating leftover pizza, a bag of frozen cranberries on my knee and when necessary, doing a Frankenstein walk to the bathroom or when pulling Pashka down the driveway.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be better, and that it doesn't rain!

Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them? Rose Kennedy


Marianne said...

You should have been able to hear me scream and moan and groan in sympathy..did you?

I hope it feels better soon.. and hey, I like cold pizza, although I realize you wrote 'leftover' not 'cold' but yes, I've been known to eat it cold for breakfast.
(I was trying to distract you)

Granny Smith said...

It hurts to even think of it, let alone experience it!

The course of any day for any person is, in the long run, unpredictable. I think of the latest Minnesota tragedy - the bridge collapse - and of the unsuspecting people heading home toward evening plans. And, yes, when I saw "Minneapolis", I thought of you, my only Minnesota friend.

Frozen peas make nice ice-bags too. Do you use a laptop so that you can access the world from your sofa?

I hope your leg feels better very soon.


Inland Empire Girl said...

Darn it all! Don't you hate being in pain? I hope the cranberries work wonders. Take care.

Julie Marie said...

I hope your leg has had time to heal by now! It was fully to visualize you with frozen cranberries on your leg!