Thursday, August 16, 2007

What a lovely surprise when I realized that while I was chasing cats and 'chilling' I had received this award from AnnieElf, a very inspiring and colorful lady who can be visited at Scenes From a Slow Moving Train. This brightened the rest of my week and I'm really happy to pass this on to several other friends I think you'll want to get to know:

Marianne at Marianne's Knotminding. She is a friend indeed; kind, giving, knitter extraordinaire, very supportive and we share many interests besides having the same name.

Phyllis at Granny Smith. This friend will inspire, amaze and support you. I feel lucky to know her. She is multi-talented and has lived life to the fullest.

My 'old' friend Chris who posts at Life in the Slow Lane. We became friends way back when we had babies at the same time. A piano teacher/quilter, she's lived in England and Canada and is now living back in Idaho. Best way to describe Chris is 'lively.'

One more thing, the days are getting shorter here; therefore, I start to wonder how the critters are faring. . .are they gathering and putting away? This morning on my walk I saw a red squirrel on the move and three ravens, two large, one teenager, sitting serenely in the top of a tree. They preened and once in awhile moved toward the younger to inspect the lay of feathers and perhaps share a snack. Anyway, it was all very calming for some reason.

On the way home I saw this on a neighbor's mailbox which gave me more questions to think about.

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Marianne said...

HAHAHA! I love that comic strip and we no longer get *always* cracks me up..thank you! enjoyed the way you tied it in...

Thank you for the award and your very kind words (yes, I'm blushing).....

Although I realize the days are shortening a bit..we're still having such scorchers, it's hard to believe Autumn will be at hand soon (in another month anyway)...

Granny Smith said...

I am honored and flattered by your award. How sweet of you! And I love the cartoon! Your blog is one I turn to daily, usually as soon as my computer is booted up.

Thank you for your joyous and generous spirit, and for sharing it with us!

teabird said...

I just met Granny Smith because of your blog - bless you!

(I ought to comment more often, since I read your blog every time it is updated, and your photos (and all) delight me -