Thursday, October 4, 2007

Friday's Flowers. . .in a way

My photo collection of the various mushrooms growing around the apartment complex with all the rain we've been having the past week or two. . .the rain we really could have used this summer, I might add. They aren't flowers, I know, but they did come poking out of the ground, they are beautiful in their randomness, probably deadly and very mysterious looking.

Don't lay any certain plans for the future; it is like planting toads and expecting to raise toadstools. John Billings

Audrey comes for a visit tomorrow, staying through the weekend. I've been busily trying to make the place look like I keep it dusted and picked up all.the.time. Some chicken simmers away for homemade chicken soup, sourdough bread, fresh Honeycrisp apples (developed right here at the U of Minnesota), and Dave's famous root beer floats.

Also on Sunday is the 2007 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon that my friend Caroline will be running, all 26.2 miles. This event is billed as 'the most beautiful urban marathon in America.'

Good luck, Caroline!


Granny Smith said...

What gorgeous photos! I once had a collection of photos of fungi, too, and while they still exist they were on my old non-digital camera, probably existing only as prints - somewhere. And there are plenty of somewheres in my house. In the meanwhile, I'll just enjoy yours.


Julie Marie said...

You are just an excellent photographer.

Wish I could drop by for some of your chicken soup. In my "soup post" I wrote about my favorite soups and homemade chicken soup is among the best.


Naturegirl said...

This is a sure sign that the fairies are among your apartment complex!Take a closer look and you may see the glitter left behind or perhaps hear the tiny beating wings!Oh these stools are so magical!

I truly appreciate your thoughtfullness in offering me ~chicken soup~..just what the doctor orderd! hugs NG

Old Wom Tigley said...

I wish I could identify which you can, and which you can't eat. I love fresh mushrooms. These are loverly pictures and your writing as a very frindly tone to it...
one other thing please... how do you make Sour Bread?

Jo said...

Love the photos and the Billings' quote. I come across lots of mushrooms growing out of rotting trees on our wood walks and find them very myterious too!

Marianne said...

Oh how I love your 'eye' when taking your photos, these are beyond fabulous, seriously.
Mmmm, chicken soup and apples and root beer floats, sounds great to me!
Hope you're having a great weekend with Audrey :^)

kris said...

We've had an abundance of shrooms this year too - they are really very interesting to look at.

Hope your friend did okay with all the heat Sunday - warmest TC marathon - and very muggy.