Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rain, rain, go away

A trip to a favorite local antique shop to help banish the rainy day blues yesterday unearthed exotic buttons and old photos to add to my collection -- these fragile old things called to me and then started asking questions. The photos I bought had belonged in a scrapbook made by Vaughn Lovejoy who lived in Minneapolis in the early part of the 1900's. The story goes that she was a very privileged, rather spoiled, only child whose scrapbook showed she also had many admirers and a wacky bunch of relatives. She dressed stylishly and many of her photos showed her in wonderful hats like the one she wears in this photo with a male friend.

Families, you gotta love 'em! But would it have been too much for the photographer to remind the goofy kid in the front who had obviously eaten too many jelly beans that he left the barn door open?

This group made me smile--a precious commodity these days--and I especially liked the girl with her arms around her mom (?) and how about the guy in the back who missed the whole concept!

I fell in love with this photo of Vaughn's mother. In many of her photos she maintains a 'distant' countenance, usually standing tall and stately but avoiding showing her soul to the camera.

Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts.

Author Unknown


Yolanda said...

I love these phots. I am always a sucker for them. I wonder what kind of stories these people could tell.

Old Wom Tigley said...

These are wonderful, I came across quite a few in a rubbish skip a few years back, I live looking at them.

Catherine said...

Great old photo's...I love old photo's! Fun to look at and try to figure out what they were like..and their stories!

Marianne said...

What a treasure you found!

Rena said...

I love looking at old photos too. They seem to hold such hidden stories. Somehow modern pictures don't have quite the same effect. I liked your observations as well!