Wednesday, November 14, 2007

'We're all fools for something.'

Today dawned cold and windy, with scantily clad trees, snow flurries and heavy gray clouds. But never fear. I've luckily found a new place to walk when the weather is obnoxious--the Roseville Skating Center. This is an indoor hockey rink with a free walking track around it covered with a rubber surface so its easier on the ole' joints. One mile equals seven laps. Outside the building is The Oval. And little known bit of trivia: The OVAL is positioned in Roseville, MN at a latitude of 45 degrees 02' North, longitude 93 degrees 12' West elevation 906 MSL. Roseville is located half-way between the North Pole and the Equator, which puts me that much closer to Santa's workshop, don'tyathink? But the best part, besides getting a better workout because I don't stop to look at every wildflower or bird, is that I can watch local men's hockey teams play pickup practice games and I can usually catch a glimpse of my beloved Electric 552 Zamboni. Who can resist guys with helmets on skates hitting a tiny disk around on the ice with funny big sticks? So now I just have to be careful to not fall down into the bleachers.

What better to do on a cloudy day than play with my button collection instead of the vacuum. These are some magnets I've made using vintage buttons on a great old tray I found at Salvation Army for $1. I have been inspired to collect old buttons ever since I saw Karen's booth at the Taste of Shoreview this summer. If you want to see some really cool buttons and artwork, check out her site at The Junk in My Trunk.

On fortune's
cap we are not the very button.”
William Shakespeare


Marianne said...

At first glance I thought that might be 'lamb's ears' but no, that's FROST on that plant...I clicked for the close up, so very pretty!
Roseville...halfway there which makes you...3/4 of the way 'there'! heh.
I'm glad you found an indoor track to walk during the winter months when the weather is...yuck.
Loving those buttons!
The Beloved and Mighty Zamboni!

Old Wom Tigley said...

I saw my first frost this mornong.. the day as turn out chilly but with a big bright sun glaring down.
I like buttons, alway have.. as a child I would play with buttons. At that time most women had button boxes.. I see full collection of buttons, some still in an old tin for sale very cheap in charity shops... I must buy the next lot I find.
My Jane used to watch a programe with the boys when their were young.. this is how it stats..

Welcome to Button Moon

Julie Schuler said...

My son, at 3 and a half, is an avid button collector, also an avid button loser, which makes his 11 month old brother an avid button eater.