Thursday, November 15, 2007

Word-less Wednesday, today


Marianne said...

Have mercy. That photo is so beautiful on so many levels. Funny, I have always enjoyed looking at him, watching him move.
I rather like Willie, ok, I've always really liked Willie!
(I am such a sucker for long red hair!)

Marianne said...

(that was high praise to Annie for capturing that 'on so many levels')

quintarantino said...

rtistaThat is a beautiful photo. So is your blog.
Thank's for your visit on our PORTUGUESEMANOFWAR

Old Wom Tigley said...

It is a fantastic shot of Willy, but then he as the face for this type of shot.. not many have. He as a life well lived in ever line of his face. This picture reminds me of an indian brave of old.. there is a rugged beauty here for sure.
I must have bene in touch with my feminine side then..ha!

AnnieElf said...

Amazing picture. A true American icon. No words needed. Just the picture is enough.