Thursday, February 12, 2009

mysterious silver threads and a Finnish recipe

The color du jour for Favourite Things Thursday is silver--which had me wondering: when does gray become silver exactly? There's the silver in everyday utensils, paint brush ferules and palette knives, the bright sun on water, duct tape and so on.

two holiday fruitcakes or

soft sculpture or

the lackluster paint on the doors of my uncle's gray Chevy

Do these gray clouds over the Japanese Embassy have a silver lining? What about the gleaming silver guard hairs on this rabbit hiding in the rain? Rhetorical questions all.
Here's silver for sure--David's hair and beard. He's been sporting gray hair since he was in his 20's and now it has a luminous silver-white hue, inherited from his Irish grandma, Lucille Feagan. This photo was taken on New Year's Day and because we were sad our nest was empty again--and before I was to fall on the ice later in the day--Dave made Ropsua for breakfast. It is a baked pancake his mother always made on holiday and birthday breakfasts. The recipe below is a variation of her recipe and another I found on line. Its really easy and delicious but you have to eat it the minute it comes out of the oven...enjoy with butter and syrup.
Ropsua (pannu kaku)
Makes 1 large pancake
3 eggs, well beaten
3 c. milk (or new milk) Dave's mom uses part evaporated milk+water
1- 1/4 c. flour
3/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp. baking powder
couple Tbsp. sugar

Melt about 2-4T butter in 9 x 13 pan and put in hot oven (425 degrees) until butter melts and sizzles. Pour in mixture above not stirring, return to oven for about 30 minutes until set. It will puff up, then fall when taken out. adapted from Mojakka

Thanks to clever Blue and her fun meme, Favourite Things Thursday for giving me an opportunity to share this bit of our family tradition. By the way, only one of our two daughters likes Ropsua. Surprising?


Daryl said...

Ropsua .. it sounds, in my head,like something you say after downing a shot .. slamming the glass on the bar you shout Ropsua!

And IMO grey become silver when it has a shine ... sh says shaking her mane of SILVER

Poomple is my verification word .. how funny is that .. Poomple .. its like Ropsua!

Poetikat said...

What nationality is that - Ropsua? Sounds almost Swedish or Scandinavian of a sort.
I had a Silver Tabby once - his name was Fourchu (pronounced Forsha. He was named after a little town on Cape Breton Island.

The recipe sounds a bit like a giant popover. Tasty, that's for sure.


I've got a new Blast From the Past for you - and there's always poetry and such at Poetikat's.

keiths ramblings said...

What a varied and interesting post. Loved it. I prefer to think of my hair as silver. Grey is for old folk!

rosey said...

I've not heard of ropsua but I'm tempted to have a go at your recipe. You should have no trouble with next weeks colour!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Ropsua, that looks nice and sounds tasty.
Those sculptures are funny. Good selection for Silver. :-)

Granny Smith said...

Wonderful silvery post! I love your collection of silver things, and I'll have to try ropsua someday. Otto, too, has silver hair. Mine is just sort of cottony white - no shine.

BTW my verification word is zingl. That has a silvery sound, doesn't it? Must have seen the prompt...

Marianne said...

You can't even imagine just how endearing, how much I love that little photo of you.

Huh? you put those ingredients in a bowl and you don't stir them together?

*Niina* said...

Ropsua! So yummy! It really is so Finnish it can be - and for me, being a Finnish girl it reminds med of my childhood. And it evens reminds me of the word ropista. That means clatter..I always said ropsuaa when I was a kid instead of ropista! Have a great weekend and a lovely Valentines Day.

inlandempiregirl said...

My dad had a gray car very similar... and named "the Gray Ghost"!