Monday, July 13, 2009

striking while the pen is dipped

Hands reaching a breeze

Instead brush the tender scar

Deer chew cuds, eyes closed.

In hommage to the fawns I've yet to see on the walking trail. . .and my first attempt at Haiku. I'm stepping out on a limb here but will keep working at it. Likewise, this hydrangea reminded me that I'm always in transition some way or another.
Happy Monday, my bloggy friends!



RuneE said...

Im not one to judge Haiku, but the photo was great!

Daryl said...

You did great .. I just cant seem to get the rhythm .. its the math thing.. I know .. simple but I am truly dim

Donna said...

To You too sweetie! Beautiful photo!!hughugs

Tom said...

I'm not the worlds biggest fan of Haiku... I know I like your words.. and the picture is very nice.... I have not seen a mixed colour like this before..

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