Tuesday, December 8, 2009

of sprigs and berries

The beginnings of the holiday season and the first snow seen in my travels. I loved how festive this topiary dog looked crowned with a sprig of holly. Below some red peeks out amid the spruce tips.
Find more reds to revel in at Mary's meme, Ruby Tuesday.


fickleinpink said...

just hopping around to show some bloglove!
Happy RT/WW

have a great week ahead!
Come over my place if you have the time!
life's beautiful!
~fickle in pink

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

A sprig of holly
sporting bright red berries—what
could be more jolly?

My Ruby Tuesday

i beati said...

how unusual the first one sandy

Julie Schuler said...

I am glad that you told us that's a topiary dog. I was filled with puzzlement, just looking at it!

Auntie E said...

Very interesting first photo. Looks like a Schnauzer. Happy RT

Leora said...

You did a wonderful job of finding the subtle reds. No blaring in your face photos here. I especially enjoyed the second one, with its wind and twirl.

Donna said...

Almost looks Real!!hughugs

Snap said...

I love the topiary dog! I want one! :D :D :D

Ladyinblue said...

Hi, thanks for the Comment. The phone is from England, but it´s not my country.I´m from Sweden.But my man has been living in England many years, but he is Irish.:)
Nice photos with red :)
Have a nice week.

Annie said...

That little TopDog is so cute. I'd love to see it someday if full bloom.

Carletta said...

The topiary has a strong lifelike look to it. Cute with its sprig of Christmas color!

claude said...

I really like your Christmas banner, Noni !