Wednesday, February 17, 2010

peace or something like that

'At the end of the day we are left alone, to the mercy of our hearts.'

I'm turning over a new leaf, or perhaps its a shovelful of snow. Does anyone besides me pay an exorbitant price for being too nice? When I scrutinize my nice behavior--oh, and scrutinize I do!--it usually unearths a deep need to be loved, or at least liked enough. So, I am aware that dishonest or self-serving motives do not a nice person make.

Along my journey I am continually searching for peace--of mind, and heart and pie. During this winter I've been on the lookout for signs that life sustains itself--whether I am nice or not. Thus these snapshots of the sun's various blue shadows on the snow and little critter footprints.

In an article I read recently by Geneen Roth I was struck by the following as it applies to mindful vs. emotional eating:

''ll discover: The you who is not your past, not your habits [yeah!], not your compulsions. When you get to know that person, anything becomes possible. . .'

Its all good. Please enlarge my photos and you'll see what I mean!


jabblog said...

Hello soulmate (I think)
We can be so accommodating that we lose ourselves . . . sitting on the fence means we see both sides of the argument and never get to express our own views! Hey, we should be physchologists, physchoanalsyts,lawyers . . .

jabblog said...

I must add that your photographs are wonderful! Certainly the seasons revolve, renew and that must be a promise that life continues . . . think of all those little critters that survive, despite enormous odds. They have no gurus telling them how to live . . . listen to your instincts!

Donna said...

The photos are Gorgeous...and I think you're a Doll!!!
Hugging you today friend!!!!

Catherine said...

Beautiful Pictures! Love the first one the shadows of the tree,such a peaceful capture!~As tire of snow as I am! :) Don't you love the blueness of the snow ~in your last photo, so beautiful! A great big Hug for you because you are so thoughtful!!!

Betty said...

Your pictures of shadows are beautiful. The first one does look like a peace sign in the snow.
♥♥ Hugs ♥♥

Cloudia said...

Your pics are nice for sure!!!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral

Queen-Size funny bone said...

yup I see the peace sign

Mimi Lenox said...

I see it! Wonderful!