Saturday, April 3, 2010

turkeys tiptoeing to town today

Just this very morning on our way around Otter Lake to get to our weekly breakfast spot we had to wait for a group of wild turkeys to pass, including this handsome trio. Sadly the turkey population has grown in these parts and the locals are hell bent on a round up. I don't like to kill anything so I warned these feathered friends to be cautious. I guess that makes me an accessory--like a gravy boat?
See more beautiful creatures, not all of which are on the lam, at Misty Dawn's delightful meme Camera Critters.

Happy Easter weekend my bloggie friends!


Snap said...

I'd be helping the turkeys (birds) and not the turkey (people). !!!!!

Naturegirl said...

Hello fello Libra..we are like minded..warning the feathered friends of impending danger!
Nice to meet you!
Loved the photo in previous post of your lovley "angel dog"...face to the sun..I do that too!

Pietro said...

Very nice image of the wild turkeys, Noni. It's always so pleasant to meet the animals on our way, isn't it?
I like Bach very much: I often listen to "The Well Tempered Clavier" played by Glenn Gould. Now there is a new CD (September 2009) of "The Well Tempered Clavier" book I by our great pianist Maurizio Pollini.
Happy Easter!

i beati said...

I'm posting a turkey I found later this week. To you and yours Glorious Easter.. sandy

Hildred and Charles said...

Easter blessings Noni - your turkeys are very handsome and brave (not all turkeys are, e.g. the human variety)

Donna said...

Happy Easter Friend!!!

Bill S. said...

We do not have a turkey season here and are starting to get them feeding along the road with several being killed by cars. Snow always brings them to the road.

EG Wow said...

I guess I'm a gravy boat too, LOL.
We've seen tons of turkeys here too. In fact, we had one in our back yard two days ago. As soon as he saw my camera, he took off.