Saturday, August 21, 2010

ahh, adolescence!

Remember my experience with the bird nest in my geraniums and the mother House Finch coming into my apartment during a recent storm? I took this photo recently of the three birds out of four eggs that hatched. Last week they were ready to fledge. We went away for the day and when we returned the nest was empty. But look closely and you'll see them all big beady eyed and beaked with little pinfeathers all over their heads. I miss them.
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Denise said...

Lovely photo, must have been great to see them grow.
An English Girl Rambles

Snap said...

I know just what you mean. I still miss Momma Dove and her two little ones that nested on our bathroom window sill. I often wonder if the young doves that visit the feeder are one of *our* babes!

i beati said...

I'm the same way -A little bit of something different..something fun I was housesitting and a duck used to greet me daily. I miss that .

Daryl said...

Now of course I wonder how you watered the plant with the nest in it ... and will mama come back next year to nest there again?

Ron Cooper said...

Hi Noni!

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