Monday, March 24, 2008

Be still, my heart!

I heard you call this morning
And I remember how your red epaulets
Quiver with each chorus.
You’re back!

Intrepid and weightless,
Eyes on the night
You’re like adult children returning from school.
Is this home or are you coming from home?

Overhead your wings push out a formation
Then land on dollops of ice and water--
The yin and yan of many lakes’
Spreading girth.

Remembering, I laugh out loud
And welcome the healing
In your clever industry
And your lusty song.

When thou seest an eagle,
thou seest a portion of genius;
lift up thy head!
William Blake

1 comment:

Granny Smith said...

Lovely poem! This is the season of welcome to all that means renewal and both poem and the joyous little picture express it well.

Keep Happy!