Thursday, March 27, 2008

when in doubt, look intelligent. . .

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So, right before my life got really stupid, and I went away for a week and then I lost my dear four-legged friend, I had been lovingly gifted with an award from two blogging buddies: Granny Smith and Inland Empire Girl.

Granny Smith was my first real visitor to my blog which appeared one year ago this week! She is a renaissance woman of the highest order and if we were broadcasting from Great Britain, she'd be Dame Phyllis. Hers is a life well-lived, chock full of experiences, and she continues to astound me with her eye for beauty, writing talent, kindness and élan.

Inland Empire Girl is multi-talented, kind, cooks better than Martha, gardens, takes marvelous photographs, her writing will knock your socks off, but most important of all, she's a fellow dog lover and Idahoan!

Many thanks for thinking of me when it came time to pass out the honors! Now comes the fun part--I pass this award on to:


Yolanda @ perfectly imperfect. . .I don't know, there's just something pure about her spirit, her photos and blog are uplifting and rewarding to read.

Tammy @ Queen Size Funny Bone. . .funny, fellow Italian with a great outlook and wonderful stories to tell.

Blue @ Behind Kyanite's Door. . .another lover of all things blue. Enough said.

That is what friendship means.

Sharing the prejudice of experience.

Charles Bukowski


Blue said...

Hi there!

How very sweet of you to pass on this lovely friendship award. We lovers of blue must stick together.
Thank you so much

Take care

Inland Empire Girl said...

Thank you for the kind words. My husband just commented as I read it," Honey.. I have never tasted Martha's cooking, but I sure love yours!"lol

Catherine said...

Congrat's on the friendship award!!
I am a lover of "Blue" too! :D
Happy spring!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Happy Blogoverary!

I'm here by way of Gardens By the Lake -- nice to meet you -- and you've got a great blog.

Granny Smith said...

Awww! I'm blushing. We began blogging at almost the same time, and I have treasured our friendship.

Thank you for them kind words!