Monday, October 5, 2009

Give that lady a hand!

As soon as a person asks the question, 'How do I live my life the best way?' then all other questions are answered.
Leo Tolstoy

Last Friday I began my 59th year, mildly relieved it wasn't my 60th and yet, as I celebrated throughout the day, a peace invaded my day. It remains three days later. I think it was a result of laying my cards on the table and choosing to mine from these many years all I have to be grateful for, and for a Libra, that can't be easy. These are the cards I've been dealt.

One card is labeled my childhood, unfortunately full of abuse and a sense of impermanence. Another I've held in my hand is the card of a long standing relationship of love and respect with Dave for these many 38 years. Next card can trump any sadness I've accumulated because it has the faces of my two beautiful daughters. I can't imagine my life without the family I found in my adulthood. Privileged hours enjoying learning, travel, art, literature, music and nature that have enriched my life is a wild card--one I can use whenever I'm feeling a bit 'temporary.' A healthy future, as much as I can influence that, makes up for earlier losses as well. And there's the 'cupcake' card which means I can do something nice for myself every day and try not feel guilty any more.

Earlier in September I found this birthday card I thought I'd eventually send to a friend. Instead, I've kept it for me! A reminder and a token to get into my 60th year. Thanks for listening!


SandyCarlson said...

I am glad you kept that beautiful card to celebrate your own beautiful life. Very nice!

Snap said...

Happy, happy birthday! So happy that you celebrated your wonderful life. I'm 60 and loving it. I think I'll buy my own card next year! :D :D

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Well happy belated birthday. your getting better with age just like a fine wine. thats what they tell me.

Marianne said...

Oh dear.. and I have your personal index card with your info in #1 place and still this addled brain just will not behave. My sincere apologies.

Happy Happy Birthday, Dear Friend. and yes, that's some hand to be dealt and I will say you live with such grace.
Love the card you've kept for yourself, I'm sure whoever you bought it for would be honoured that you kept it. XOXOXOXOX

Daryl said...

Hey 60 isn't bad at all once you get over the NUMBER .. LOL .. seriously, happy almost 60th .. revel in it, you are alive and have so many reasons to celebrate! xoxox

The Clever Pup said...

Happy Birthday Noni.

I'm glad you have a wonderful family.

I look at my husband and each day I think he's the best thing that ever happened in my life. Sounds as if we are both blessed in this regard.