Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Smiling Pelican part deux

Remember me whining awhile back about a certain bakery not being open during a motorcycle trip to Wisconsin? No pie?. . . Well, when I was in first grade and threw up in Mass one morning my teacher called me a sissy for crying about it. If Sr. Luett Freida could see me now! Yesterday we rode the Wisconsin and Minnesota back roads along the Mississippi River with six other riders from Dave's plant. Clear blue skies, colorful trees and 38 degrees when we took off. It never got much higher than 40 the whole day. Not that I could unbend my knees or unclench my jaw when I got home. But I'm no sissy!
The highlight of the day for me was stopping in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin at the Smiling Pelican Bakeshop on a day when they were open. I would have spent an hour over coffee, trying to decide what to buy, poking around their gardens and the delightful art sprinkled around their tiny shop. Oh, but for the gentle honking of motorcycle horns of the impatient male riders waiting for me outside in the cold.
I managed to grab the busy owners for a quick photo--an amiable, hard working pair. Their operation in this old house, no bread slicer, no credit cards, just wonderful creations and aromas.
Oh, and I did buy a loaf of Cranberry Wild-Rice Sourdough bread and a 2 inch thick piece of pumpkin pie. Life is good!


clairz said...

Noni, I'm not so "Skywatch rushed" today and came back to take a little longer look around your blog. We have a lot of interests in common--knitting, reading, photography, cooking, gardening, libraries, some favorite books. Not so sure about motorcycles, though I suppose if someone my age went riding it would make the news.

Please come back and visit my blog often. I plan to drop in here pretty much daily! Glad to have found you through Skywatch.

P.S. I've always loved that Groucho Marx quote!

Donna said...

I cannot Believe that teacher!!!! What a jerk! I would have cleaned you up and given you a hug!!
You are Indeed, tough!hahaaa...Bet hubby was frozen!hughugs

Marianne said...

Mmmm, I spy pie :^)
Never would I have considered you a wuss, tossing ones cookies can be pretty traumatic. Hates it.
What a beautiful bakery and what a lovely couple... pumpkin pie mmmmm.
GORgeous photos of colourful foliage on previous post. XOX

Snap said...

My mouth is watering from your successful trip to the bakery. There is a special place in Hades for teachers like that. (PERIOD!!!!) Isn't it getting a little too cool for *wind in the helmet* rides? !!!!!! You are no wuss!

Daryl said...

Oh my pumpkin pie .. love it and now you have me craving it ... excellent pix!

~Cheryl said...

What a darling bakery! Your photos and commentary come alive with fresh baked goodnes....I think I smell something good. The cranbery rice bread sounds delicious! Was it?
Thanks for your visit!

Robin said...

That pie sounds delicious, the bread too!

Riding a motorcycle in the freezing cold? Not so much.

As for your teacher, I'm speechless.

Cloudia said...

That's why I ride my own bike. Our (women's) club motto:
"Ride to eat / eat to ride"

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

. said...

Thanks be to God.

Pelican Lights said...

My mother recently moved to Wisconsin and I am pretty sure she is going to love the Smiling Pelican. Just from the pictures I can see it is her style. The pumpkin on the counter and household environment remind me of my mothers pumpkin pie that she makes every Thanksgiving. It makes me hungry right now, and I actually feel like I can smell it. Thanks for the tip, and I hope your experiences on road trips are better than they used to be.