Monday, May 16, 2011

what a difference a day makes

Today was our second day of sunshine so I took to the woods to see what's been happening. Life was happening! with tender, limey green everywhere, many lush ferny places and shy wildflowers. Birds sang and this lovely survivor watched me pass by [please enlarge to see her mottled winter fur].

Barring any more Blogger shenanigans, I'll be back!


~Cheryl said...

Nice relaxing walk with a cooperative deer to help make it perfect. I do like your flower shots - great detail. Rain . . . I'm longing for a dry day or two, too. *sigh*

Cloudia said...

Warm Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral




i beati said...

Don't miss a moment of it !!Spectacuilar miracles !

Donna said...

Ahhh, he's sweet Noni...
Love the photos!

texwisgirl said...

hurray for springtime in the woods!

Pietro said...

So pretty, really enjoyable images!

jabblog said...

I'm so glad the sun has deigned to shine for you. Your photos are delightful.
PS: thank you for the rain - it wasn't much but it cleaned the air beautifully :-)