Monday, June 13, 2011

From red to redder, tis the season of peonies. Ants are busy helping loosen the many petals in each bloom.
A sure sign of spring.
Maedchen mit Pfingstrosen [Girl With Peonies] by  Alexej Von Jawlensky, 1909
Von Jawlensky was part of the early 20th century  Blauer Reiter movement along with the father of Expressionism, Wasilly Kandinsky, August Macke, Lionel Feininger, Albert Bloch and my favorite, Franz Marc, among others.


Wanda said...

Spring has sprung at your place.. My those are beautiful.

The painting is very lovely too.

Have a great week, friend.

Ms. Becky said...

I'm a huge Kandinsky fan! I love saying his name. I'm wondering what that first peony is going to be - white or mixed? it's gorgeous in its unfolding stage. the grace expressed in that painting is a marvel. I've never laid eyes on it so thanks for sharing. have a great week enjoying your peonies. mine are still in pretty tight bud...

Sandy Kessler said...

I love them so much layer upon layer..Sandy

Daryl said...

Beautiful from bud to bloom are peonies and they smell SO good

Felisol said...

Beautiful peonies,and ditto painting.
I like painters from Blauer Reiter and also from Die Brucke.
If you ever go to London be sure to visit The Courtauld Gallery; you'll find lots of good "friends" there.
My Pentecost roses haven't sprung yet.
(Hope they will become red enough to represent Norway)