Sunday, August 8, 2010

sweet prophecy of welcome

Just when I think I have a grip on summer trying to slip through my fingers, what should appear but one true red sweet pea. These are the variety, 'Erica's Favorite' which I try to grow each year in Dr. Erica's honor. This summer they have outdone themselves! Of course I am never able to quite capture this red but it makes me smile anyway. Sweet peas are my connection to my Italian heritage and in particular my dad who loved them. He didn't always love me but we could agree on our affection for their fragrance and unique blooms. So I tip my trowel to sweet peas and Today's Flowers where you can drink in fragrant flowers from all over the world.

Happy Monday!

"The Sweet Pea has a keel that was meant to seek all shores;
it has wings that were meant to fly across all continents;
it has a standard which is friendly to all nations;
and it has a fragrance like the universal gospel,
yea, a sweet prophecy of welcome everywhere that has been abundantly fulfilled"
- Rev. W. T. Hutchins 1900 (At the Sweet Pea Bi-centenary Celebration)


Snap said...

I LOVE sweet peas. I haven't been able to get the timing right on growing them down here in the tropics, but came close this last year. I'm going to try again!

Unknown said...

Sweet peas are wonderful climbers and great for cutting too.
Your red sweet pea picture is lovely.

jabblog said...

Lovely colour and a great contrast to the pastel shades. I love the scent of sweet peas but I'm not very successful at growing them.
Forgive my ignorance but who is Dr Erica?

Daryl said...

so pretty... happy monday!!!!!!

Carver said...

What a lovely sweet pea. Great shot.

eileeninmd said...

It is a lovely flower. I do not think I have seen one inperson. They are cute.

Leora said...

Gorgeous. I think about growing sweet peas... instead, I will enjoy yours.

SandyCarlson said...

So very beautiful, my friend!

i beati said...

I have always loved them who couldn't their name alone and delicate flower

RNSANE said...

I think it's been at least twenty five years since I've actually seen and smelled a sweet pea! How tragic. I remember them from my youth in Georgia.

At 65, I've done it! My poetry book - Life's Journey by Carmen Henesy - is out on Amazon!
( Poems about the things that have been important to me in my journey through life, some humorous, some sad, some that may have meaning to you as well )

clairz said...

When I was a beginning gardener at my first house in northern California, I grew some sweet peas, and never forgot that feeling of accomplishment. I just recently read about a family growing sweet peas near here, where I now live in the desert. I'm going to try to plant some when this summer heat passes. Thank you for reminding me with your beautiful photo. I could just smell that wonderful fragrance.

EG CameraGirl said...

It's a truly lovely red sweet pea! I'm not sure I have ever seen one quite this red before. Lots of pinks but no true reds.

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Hi Noni

Thanks for posting on my blog!
Thanks also for join and for being so long with us!
Have a nice days