Monday, August 24, 2009

Ruby Tuesday real estate

This little blue storybook house with its shiny red door and matching mailbox is sweet find for Ruby Tuesday in St. Paul. Summer's lease hath all too short a date.
William Shakespeare

These Cardinal Flowers are growing in a rain garden near the lake, needing to keep their roots wet. They remind me of Indian Paintbrush found out west but are a more vibrant blue red. A bit of trivia: they're named after the red robes worn by Catholic cardinals and they aren't terribly prolific since they are pollinated by hummingbirds!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Endorphin City!

3Jerry Seinfeld
3George Burns
Sunday Scribblings challenged us to have a dinner party, invite seven people and plan the menu. I can't wait!
4Statler & Waldorf
4Billy Crystal
5Denis Leary
4Paul Giamatti
5Yogi Berra

Nobody was very funny in my family, with the possible exception of moi but, as someone who grew up watching the Ed Sullivan Show every Sunday night, I knew comedy when I saw it.

So, given the chance to have a few people over for dinner here's what I'd do. I'd invite my favorite comedians to break bread and be exceedingly funny. The wine list funny guys, please: George Burns, because his was one of the first I remember hearing as a child and his autobiographies cracked me up--New York Yankees catcher & coach Yogi Berra who is funnier than a crutch without even trying--Denis Leary who tells it pretty expletive much like it is and has great hair--actor Paul Giamatti is funny just by being himself, or Harvey Pekar--Billy Crystal who is mah-va-luss in my book and because he loves his family--I used to watch Jerry Seinfield's stand up on The Improv before he was famous [I still quote his schtick: 'Why don't dogs ever have any money?... No pockets!] and lastly Statler and Waldorf who added the snarky icing on the cake to The Muppet Show I watched faithfully with Audrey and Erica and later by myself. Just thinking about these guys makes me laugh out loud.
For dinner I'd whip up a big brisket, an even bigger pan of lasagna, Caesar salad, asparagus, tomato-basil-mozarella salad & apple pie for dessert. Plenty of cold beer and ashtrays all around. I'd keep a bottle of chaum-pag-na on ice in case Christopher Walken gets my phone message.

Post Script: here's a funny one for you. . .the dinner party theme was for last week's Sunday Scribblings. Not only am I funny, but I'm a week behind! expletives, expletives

Thursday, August 20, 2009

SkyWatch Friday in St. Paul

55Two views around Como Lake this week66
Up until yesterday we've had blue skies and sunshine in St. Paul. Then storms arrived, including tornadoes in downtown Minneapolis and east of St. Paul with much attendant rain today. Wildflowers have flourished along the lakes as well as much green algae atop which makes the ducks and geese happy. These are my SkyWatch Views for this week.

In a more wooded area around Snail Lake I found another rustic bench to add to Rune's Friday bench postings. Visit him here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

E is for feathered friends

E is the letter du jour for ABC Wednesday, Round 5. My E offerings are birds of a feather: eagles from the National Eagle Center in Wabasha and Snowy Egrets on the lakes near my home.

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Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

SkyWatch Friday

Sailboat launch on White Bear Lake on any given summer day. . .my [blue] sky view this week.
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Happy Friday!