Saturday, January 19, 2008

So, cold enough for ya?

I took this picture on Friday when the moon was still out and the sun was coming up on a really cold day, below zero after factoring in the wind chill. Today has dawned another picture perfect Minnesota day: clear blue sky, plenty of snow and -16 when Pashka took her morning constitutional. Frozen nose hair and ice cream headache weather. Only the bravest little Juncos and Chickadees flit from branch to branch.

Today kicks off the 2008 U. S. 2008 Figure Skating Championships in St. Paul that run through next Sunday. This is how the event is described:
Saint Paul is proud to be the host city for the 2008 U.S. Figure Skating Championships in January 2008. The event, held annually since 1914, is the nation’s most prestigious figure skating event. Over the course of a week the event will crown 12 national champions in ladies, men’s, pairs and ice dancing on the senior, junior and novice levels.

And Twin Cities fans are holding their breath to see how their local phenom Eliot Halverson, national junior men’s champion, will fare this week.
Dave with his usual impeccable timing has gone to San Jose for the week but I'm hoping we might be able to get tickets for some of the events next weekend. This is pretty heady stuff for a girl from the dusty southeastern Idaho potato fields.

A new week, new possibilities. . .

'So onward we go. Sometimes in circles, but more or less forward.' Garrison Keillor


Marianne said...

That snow is so very pretty, we're having colder temps here also but NOTHING like yours! I just love that poster...
Bundle up, stay warm!!

Inland Empire Girl said...

Our cold spell is coming on Tuesday. I love ice skating and hope to catch some of the competition.

Jo said...

That photograph is beautiful. I see you've got a link to the Once soundtrack....loved that film and play the soundtrack every day.

Granny Smith said...

And we thought we were cold because there was a covering of snow on nearby (visible) mountains, all above 2000 feet!

Beautiful photo! I hope the skating championships will be on a TV channel that we can watch.

Catherine said...

Beautiful winter & moon capture! It does look COLD!! Very cute mug also!! Have enjoyed catching up on your blog!
Stay warm!!

Yolanda said...

I love the photo. It is so pretty. I always wished I could be as graceful as the skaters.