Friday, January 25, 2008

Sunday Scribblings


Sagging shoebox, size 9 Capezio flats
I know the contents by heart:
The detritus from my scavenger-hunt life.
Tiny brass safety pins and
Matchbooks with addresses, no zip codes
Folded paper placemat from a Chinese restaurant
Carpet the bottom of the box.

Brown braid loosely tied with plaid ribbon,
next layer:
Valentine card, plastic raindrop on single rose
Empty fountain pen cartridge
John Sebastian autograph
Barbie stilettos
Grease pencil from my mom’s uniform pocket.

Class ring for smaller knuckles
Indian head nickel, no date, no use
Blue crystal beads from Budapest
Yo-yo with twisted cord
Frank Church campaign button
My dad’s shoehorn
One dime, one nickel, two pennies**
But no shoes.

**In 1988, when Erica was in first grade and Audrey in third, we left Idaho for Pennsylvania. On their last day of school I visited their classrooms to say goodbye to their teachers. Erica was cleaning out her little desk while I thanked her teacher. Looking around her room my eyes filled with tears. When I looked down there she stood holding something in her hand. In my palm Erica placed 17 cents she’d squirreled away in her desk. She said, ‘Here, Mom. Take this and go buy yourself some milk.’


paisley said...

what an absolutely adorable post,,, i am put immediately in mind of scouts little treasure box in to kill a mockingbird....

keith hillman said...

That is just perfect! A lovely post

Herb Urban said...

Lovely post. I have an assorted collection of miscellaneous treasures similar to yours in a shoebox in my closet, but could not begin to list its contents.

Devil Mood said...

How sweet :)

Shari said...

I like the addition that you put in about your daughter Erica.

Marianne said...

Out of the mouths of babes, eh?

Funny... we save quite a few of the very same things :^)

Julie Schuler said...

Very sweet. I have been told, though I heartily disagree, that little treasure troves of esoteric bits are a "feminine domain" because it is a womb-symbol, but I know many men who are fascinated as well by shiny bits hidden away. They just give them more masculine names like "time capsule".

Beatriz's suitcase contents said...


Old Wom Tigley said...

We also have a 'Treasure box'where special memory's are stored.. your post made me think of that box just now..
Thanks for your visit today and your comment... You asked about my Knitting and Baking.. at the moment I am knitting the Nativity
seen here in the middle.. I have most of Mr & Mrs Claus knitted and ready for next year. Mr & Mrs Snowmen will also be done a few times as they make nice little gifts. I have mostly knitted toy/doll like this and the patterns I normally choose to follow are these
from Jean Greenhowe. I have nearly all her booklets now. I have done the odd jumper and hat scarf.. but these toys give me most pleasure.

As for baking.. Big Peter mentioned that today, o one day next week I said that I'd show him how to bake bread... as he as great big hands he can do the kneading ha! .. My Jane bakes cakes, and the best date and walnut loaf I've tasted.

Baking and cooking is something I've always liked.. knitting was something I did to help me when I stopped smoking.

Inland Empire Girl said...

I think poetry is such an effective form of writing for memoir. Nice arrangement of words also. I love your new quotes on your sidebar also.

anthonynorth said...

Nice touch on the subject.

tumblewords said...

Perfectly charming words and voice that work so well with the topic. Delightful story about Erica!

redness said...

Beautiful post, so much treasure & pleasure in one small box, perfect!

Chris said...

I am so late in reading post this week -- I loved the poem and the side story was priceless. Did you get your milk?