Friday, January 11, 2008

Part-time pain with a side of nuts, please.

Yesterday was a day of misgivings, disharmony and way too much dog poop. Pashka's senility continues at breakneck speed . . .so I found myself picking up after her in the house three times in one day--a record. Then Dave unwittingly e-mailed me a photo taken at his Christmas party this year. It was a group picture taken of his co-workers and spouses and me looking like I'd been given a pass from the 'home' for the evening.
I'm not photogenic, o.k.! And now it is apparent I've seen better days too.
I thought eating two York Peppermint Patties would help which only backfired because then I was able to use my rolls and chins as ammo against my already smarting self-respect. I tried filling my house with beautiful music, thus yesterday's poem and Cecilia Bartoli's voice-over. It worked--for awhile. Maybe my anti-depressant pills had expired or the moon was approaching full or it was just 'part-time pain.'

Leaving out the boring details of the rest of the day, suffice it to say that by bedtime I was feeling very much like the dog logs I'd picked up all day, only stepped on and needing a big stick to clean out the grooves in the soles of my shoes. Soles=soul and mine was grateful to just turn off the flippin' light on the nightstand and call it a day.

Eight hours later, I woke up to not one but two marks on my nose from my sleep apnea face mask. This is never a good sign. But my fingers flew to the keyboard to record what happened next so I wouldn't forget (see earlier paragraph about the 'home.')
Its difficult to rate these, so I'll just say that

a. My e-mail inbox showed I'd received a message from a dearly-loved and long-lost niece, Colette. She'd been given my blog address by my Erica and I was over-joyed to know she still cared for me and was happy to write to me.

b. When I checked out a few friends' blogs, I found that Julie had given me an award called 'You Make My Day.' So while I was writing my own obituary and stuffing my face to ease the pain, Julie had me in mind.

c. I stopped by Caribou Coffee and not only was there an empty chair by the fireplace (which usually doesn't happen) but the cute barrista gave me my coffee free. When I opened my mouth to say he'd not charged me enough, I got as far as 'Umm, I think you...' when he gave me a thumbs-up and said, 'I hope you'll make this a good day.' okey-dokey

d. Lastly, the washing machine in the laundry room gave me a free wash. I don't know. .

Notes to self:

While sipping my (free) coffee I overheard the mother of little Jackson tell her friend across the table the cutest thing Jackson had said yesterday. At first I rolled my eyes and then I heard her say: 'I was saying that I thought I was nuts. Jackson came up to me and said, 'Mom, you're not nuts, you just eat nuts, that's all.'

Whew! we're both safe.


Running Knitter said...

You have the best mind set - always focusing on the positive. Thank you for inspiring me.

Julie Schuler said...

noni! I kept scrolling down looking for the cute coffee guy!
Thanks for commenting again on my blog!

Marianne said...

Heh, I thought he should be there in the post also! (cute coffee guy)

Sorry you had such a rotten day but hey, the next day made up for it BIG TIME,eh?

Old Wom Tigley said...

A very nice read for my Saturday morning... I hope you are feeling all the joys of the world today... And the next time you feel like like a dogs log... remember there's a Dung Beatle out there that would still love you.

Inland Empire Girl said...

Wow... been there, done that as the saying goes. Thanks for reassuring me that others have a day like this. The cartoon is a keeper. What would we do without our life mates?

Trailhead said...

Pashka's a beautiful girl. One of my canine companions is also 16, arthritic, and incredibly stoic. Her senility of choice is pee, so we use a lot of BioKleen.

Perhaps I should find a cute barista to make it all better!