Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dog Sled Races - Part Deux

The winners are in! Bios from the Beargrease website; emphasis mine.

2008 Marathon Winner
JASON BARRON - Lincoln, Montana

Jason has a 30 year history with dog mushing starting as a five year old. He and his wife, Harmony, started their Kanabear Enterprises in 2000 and now have 45 [!] dogs in their kennel. Jason has finished 7 Iditarods [!] and Harmony has finished 3, winning the most improved musher in 2005. Their 13 month old daughter, Oksana, is already a dog lover just like mom and dad.

2008 Mid Distance Winner

Don shares a kennel with partner and wife August Galloway, who he met working at a sled dog business eleven years ago. Don works full time as a health practitioner in Virginia/Cherry, MN.

333 note cuteness!


Marianne said...

excuse me... they are both Very Easy On The Eye!
(she says as she fans her 54 year old self ;^)

Old Wom Tigley said...

LOL at the above comment...
Thanks for the up-date.. I found the 1st post most interesting and found out something like this is done in the UK.. only as we don't have much snow the sledges have wheels. Looks very good.