Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a quantum leap

A quizzical appurtenance on a University of Chicago building, a face that prompted many of my own existential thoughts when I walked through the campus to work.

My prized possession, a commemorative tin from the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953. After searching for a similar one that I had been gifted, I found this one in mint condition last fall--a find of a lifetime.

Vintage Sergio Mendez & Brazil 66, Mas Que Nada:

Que no?!

The Peaceable Kingdom, the last painting done by Edward Hicks, a Quaker.
Whew! I made it. . .this week's ABC Wednesday letter is 'Q', not the easiest to cover. To see more posters pdq, check out Mrs Nesbitt's place.


Marianne said...

I think you made a fine go of it with 'Q'!

Ackworth Born said...

A quartet of quintessential Qs.

I thought the first was going to be Quasimodo.

raf said...

Another fine ABC post this week. You mind your Ps and Qs very well, Nonizamboni.
Wonderful blog!
I had double Q this morn, Mrs. N. has a triple and here is Peacock Blue with a quartet. Nice selection too.
Thanks for the vintage Sergio. Love the samba.

Powell River Books said...

Great Q choices, but the quizzical look picture was my favourite.

I chose to use nearby Quadra Island for Q. It is a fun vacation destination that you can see by clicking here. – Margy

Berit said...

WOW so many good Q`s. That paint was so beautiful. I like all of it, great post!

RuneE said...

A quantum leap - that was a very good one!

John said...

Great ABC post!

Janet said...

I think you came up with some great photos for Q. I had trouble with this one!

Pernille's ting og tang said...

Very nice collection of Q's. Beautiful photos too:)

Have a nice evening:)

imac said...

Beautiful, photos and words.

Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments.

Katney said...

You've been very queative in gathering your Qs. The coronation piece is special. There is a book that I read by Paul Gallico which tells the story of a family traveling down to London for the Coronation. Though nothing turns out as planned, each family memeber gets what they need from the experience. I went back to the library to check it out again some years later and it was no longer in the collection. Maybe I can find it somewhere in a used book store. (I'll start with my son's.)

leslie said...

Well done! I was so confused for Q I ended up doing research! Come and see - it's very informative. :D

anno said...

No quandary here -- these are brilliant!

Neva said...

I can hardly find one "Q" so I am impressed with more than 1. Nice choices...the tin of Queen Elizabeth looks lovely.
mine is here.

Ida said...

You made it certainly. :)
The first shot is charming and very good.
Thank you for visiting me and for your most kind comment! :)
I really appreciate it!
I don`t have the time to participate in ABC-W and Sky Watch this week.
But, i`ll be back. ;)

mrsnesbitt said...

Quite a Q collection!
Very very creative.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Fantastic 'Qs@

Helena said...

Great Qs! I had such a hard time trying to think of a "Q"!

I went to the older post about the tin. What a lovely story!

Dina said...

Such wonderful Qs. The face on UofC is perfect. (I grew up in Chicago but on the North Side, so I must have missed him.)
Happy to know you're often here in Jerusalem Hills.
Thanks for the Beethoven.
Your name is fun to say. Nobody in Israel would know from Zamboni. We have maybe one ice rink in the whole country.