Thursday, May 15, 2008

There is a fair and fruitful island.

O.K., so I had an extra cup of coffee this morning before heading out for the walk around Island Lake, posing two problems: the restrooms don't open until 8 am and my legs couldn't keep up with my scattered thoughts. Since I haven't had an original thought since before Christmas, I welcome these unusual bouts of free-floating, stream of consciousness ...

ÑIf I could, I'd like to sit on the edge of the stage, legs dangling, and talk with Jeff Tweedy of Wilco for awhile. That's when we'd discuss the horrors of migraines and the finer points of Montessori schooling. Then he'd sing Theologians a capella and all would be right with the world.

ÑI've always wondered what advice Jackie Kennedy gave to her granddaughters before she passed.

ÑImagine what might have happened if a young Adolph Hitler had told the art critics and admissions people at the art school that denied him a spot to go f--k themselves. What if he then decided to paint anyway and raise German Shepherd puppies?

ÑI still wish it was possible to let all the little wet birds stay in my bedroom at night to get out of the storm. Their fate haunted me growing up and sometimes I wonder--mostly about when I'm going to get over this.

ÑI wish I found myself standing behind Walt Whitman in Starbucks. Then I'd ask him what he packed for his lunch in his knapsack that day.

ÑI have it on good authority that llama mothers hum to their young ones.
So ended my reverie as I remembered the PBS special I'd watched about what might have really happened to the Minoan culture. What I do know is they had the right idea, keeping those palace rooms airy, decorating with a lot of blue, etc., etc. All decorating tips aside, my favorite fresco has always been of the happy dolphins swimming around Crete on the wall of the Queen's Room...above.

Even brave Odysseus knew about the people on Crete:
'There is a fair and fruitful island in mid-ocean called Crete; it is thickly peopled and there are ninety cities in it: the people speak many different languages which overlap one another, for there are Achaeans, brave Eteocretans, Dorians of three-fold race, and noble Pelasgi.' [from the Odyssey, Book XIX]
Life was good.

detail from fresco found in King's Palace, Knossos, Crete

...and if I could talk to John and Elizabeth Edwards again, I'd say: "Damn! I'm sorry."


Abraham Lincoln said...

An interesting post.

Granny Smith said...

Otto and I were also fascinated by the program about the Minoans. Their art looked so HAPPY!

Marianne said...

Of course I love the Minoan artwork, those beautiful blues.
I'm especially enchanted that llama mamas hum to their little ones :^)

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

I've always wanted to talk to Walt Whitman, and maybe go on a picnic on a fine, warm spring day like this one. I'd love to hear him sound a barbaric yawp!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

Interesting thoughts as you are on your morning stroll. Have you seen the movie "Max"; somewhat written from the aspect of hitler as a frustrated artist and an art dealer.

Julie said...

You are my kind of person. 'nuff said. I want to copy this. I will copy this. Love you, Julie

(Sorry I haven't been around lately. Personal stuff.)

Julie said...


Geez, I wish you lived nearby.