Sunday, May 18, 2008

Soul in the updraft

Your music cracks my heart open
Taking my spine two stairs at a time
Leaving every door ajar
Colors alight with hollow bones

Aching melodies spin
Crinoline clouds weep
Granted and received

Truth and wonders
Are the fragrant petals
You toss through the gap-toothed
Windows of my soul.

Based on a prompt of 'soar' for Sunday Scribblings, my gratitude to Ludwig van Beethoven for his short, sweet Symphony No. 6, Pastoral, which causes a mighty separation of soul and body every time I listen. Listen to my favorite, the fourth movement here.
[The graphic above is from a painting called "The Bedroom"--1658/1600 by Dutch painter Pieter de Hooch.]


Granny Smith said...

Mary Anne, your poem soars and aches and melts one like the beautiful Beethoven symphony. Thank you for the link to it. I enjoyed all six minutes.

The piece of music that sweeps me away is the second movement of Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21. Your perfect poem expressed my feeling for it.

Thank you!

Beatriz' suitcase contents said...

your words painted and sang for me. What a wonderful gift, thanks.

anno said...

You've picked one of my favorite pieces of music, one that does indeed toss truth and wonders as fragrant petals to restore the listener's soul. I love the poem you wrote to accompany the link.

anno said...

Out of curiosity, who is Erica Joy? I was interested in finding more about the painter for the picture you posted. Thanks!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Fantastic poem and tribute.

danni said...

gotta love that charlie brown and his gang!!! --- what a wonderful decadent treat for a dreary monday afternoon - the poetry and music are magical!!! --- thank you, thank you --- and thank you for your memories of grade one as well ---

Julie Schuler said...

Good God! What a poem. I love this-Taking my spine two stairs at a time. It's so reckless and exhilirating.

GreenishLady said...

Oh, such a marvellous poem. A fitting response to music of a true master.

missalister said...

So many poems have one good line or verse, maybe two, but this one’s good all the way through! My favorite lines, “taking my spine two stairs at a time/Leaving every door ajar” This is the kind of thing we will to fly out of our fingertips :-)

Jo said...

Beautiful poem, really beautiful. Especially that ending.

Anonymous said...
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