Thursday, January 15, 2009

enter post @ own risk

I have reached the two week point with my 'boxer's break' the name given to the location of the fracture I have. Note small photo of delicious manicure gifted to me by Erica two days before my antics. I am now ensconced in a smaller splint for a week or so. The good news is its removable to shower so I have the luxury of washing my hair. . .and, yes, our Christmas tree is still up!

From the ridiculous to the sublime mundane, Bean wonders how different her live(s) might have been if she hadn't landed in the lap of luxury.


and finally, to reinforce the borrowed quote above, read on.

I'm reading my e-mail and this pops up from Erica (in D.C.):

i just saw george clooney going into a restaurant in dupont circle

Today she elaborates:

And by the way, George Clooney is magnetically attractive, he literally shines in the dark.

So, being one-handed these days, I'm not above the notion of shamelessly vicarious living. Can you blame me?


Catherine said...

George Clooney is just that! :)
Sorry about your 'boxer's break' `ouch! Hope it's all better soon!
Happy New Year!

Julie said...

Oh, Noni!

I had no idea about your injury. Take care and heal quickly!

Cold enough for ya? Ha!

troutay said...

Welcome to Minnesota! You have a lovely blog!
Hope your "Ali" arm is getting better!

Marianne said...

Black and blue, green and yellow and just a touch of purple... but you know what? You have some really lovely hands. Seriously. I'm very glad to see your hand is healing. Very glad and relieved.

No, I cannot and will not blame you.
Mercy. He is a beautiful man, such a visual treat and true to form (as with some men) apparently not losing 'it' at all with age. Mmmmmmmm. ( it's just genetic, his looks, I like to call his looks 'the perfect storm' his features just all fell that way, I'll shut up now....) It was his dad's birthday, right? (that's what I heard on the news) :^)

Cloudia said...

Ouch! Get better; Aloha-

Jeannelle said...

I spotted George Clooney in the thumbnail and had to come right over. Sorry to see you had an injury. Oh, my....may you have a rapid and smooth recovery.

I'll have to read back and see what happened to you.

anno said...

GC glows in the dark because he is a star...

(Sorry. Believe it or not, I had this post open all day yesterday, trying to prevent myself from writing that. So much for resistance...)

Your poor hand (poor you!). It's kind of scary to think that these photos represent an improvement, but I am glad to hear that you are healing well. Take care.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Oh, such colorful bruises! It must be a relief to take off the splint from time to time. Loved the cat comic (and I bet Bean doesn't mind that you're one-handed, as long as you scratch on cue.) Happy Friday!

Donna said...

So glad it's getting better Sweetie!!!

inlandempiregirl said...

Wow... I am glad you are recovering, but what colors you are displaying. I love the cartoon with the cat. Where do you get your background designs and vintage pictures? Is it a secret or can you let me know? I want my blog to look just like yours. lol.