Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Here be Dragons

What limits will someone actually go to see a dragon? Why wouldn't there be a biker who loves dragons? I found out Sunday at the International Motorcycle show in Minneapolis. This bike was part of the custom collection. Note the fangs and reptilian bike seat! This was my pick for 'most amazing in an Arthurian category' and I dedicate these photos of 21st Century dragons to my friends who love these brave, spiny but misunderstood creatures: Granny Smith and Mrs. Dragon at Twisty Lane.

More 'D's at ABC Wednesday.


jabblog said...

That is simply glorious! What fun to ride a machine/animal like that :-)

Roger Owen Green said...

different kind of dragon than i was expecting!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Granny Smith said...

Here's to all dragon lovers! Maybe I should make my electric wheelchair more dragon-like. Thank you for alerting me to dragon blog day.

XOXO Phyllis

Gattina said...

phantastic motorcycles, very special !

Snap said...

I'll take one of those!!!!!


Daryl said...

Oh so very cool ..

Marianne said...

heh :^) yes, I think Phyllis should make her wheelchair more dragon like!

Wow. that bike looks a bit dangerous to ride! but very impressive!