Friday, February 15, 2008

'Peeps : for every season!

We received an inch or so of snow on Wednesday night and yesterday the sun came out making the snow sparkle and shine. Walking in my neighborhood, the ever present white birches took on a life of their own against the blue whiteness of the snow. When the sun comes out even the stoic Minnesotans seem to smile more. As the days get longer I'm hearing the local cardinals earlier in the morning too. This being my second winter in the Twin Cities, I'm noticing that we are having cloudy days 2:1 this winter as opposed to the blindingly bright blue skies of last winter. It probably is better that the buttermilk skies -- or as Garrison Keillor described the sky around Lake Wobegon as 'aluminum' in a recent monologue -- were scarce last year, when I was less rooted. That doesn't mean I'm not complaining because that's what I do best, don't ya know.

When I used to read with the children at a Montessori elementary we learned that cirrus clouds are easiest to remember if you think of them as 'horse tails.' Fast forward to 'now' I'm learning that in addition to being dreamy, they are made up of ice crystals in the air and represent the air pattern in the higher levels of the atmosphere. This sky is definitely full of whispy ones that have just been brushed.

Plunging temps are keeping us inside today recovering from all the Valentine candy and cupcakes. Bean has the best idea while the sun is out:

Have a wonderful weekend!


Yolanda said...

I bet it is beautiful there. I love the birch trees and those cirrus cloud.

Marianne said...

It IS beautiful, all those photos, love the red of the house with all the snow and evergreens :^)
Dude had on a fabulous hat and sweater, eh?
Here's to a great weekend for you and yours also!

Granny Smith said...

Such beautiful photos! I'm afraid I have been using borrowed photos for some of my posts. Never for the permanent stuff - but how could I take a picture of hang-glider from above?

I'm enjoying you Minnesota winter!

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Very nice snow photos.

Old Wom Tigley said...

That is a lot of snow... :O).. I enjoy this post and listening to the music..

Julie Marie said...

It was so nice here today. Water was running in the streets. We had those (what I call) ice cream clouds today - you know, those spring-type ones. I hope the warmer weather is headed your way.


Inland Empire Girl said...

It is amazing how different a day is when the sky turns blue and the sun comes out. We had one of those today. I loved the You Tube song!Great photos also.