Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nutella lovers unite!


She's at it again.
Another day to celebrate with food
and I'm not allowed on the counters.

Today being
I had to do something to celebrate this wonderful food from the Italian gods. If you haven't tried this concoction of hazelnuts, milk and chocolate, run out and buy a jar today~and if you already have, and you know who you are, then you know what I'm talkin' about.

Being generally lazy I didn't feel like coming up with something new so perused the main site here. Then I decided to make a version of Nutella Rolls I found here. Watch and learn:

one 8-0z can refrigerated low-fat (kind of silly, I know!) crescent rolls

spread a scant tablespoon on each triangle
top with banana slice
roll each into a bundle with a little swirl on top
bake at 375 for about 15 minutes

best eaten warm but not too hot -- insides are molten right out of the oven

Great recipes can be found at the Nutella Day website and just for fun, check out this video of a crepe being made with Nutella in Paris:


Marianne said...

Mercy, woman.... I LOVE that stuff, I've been eating it for years! seriously, I love it so much... I'd almost marry it :^0
no really, I love it so much I only buy a jar maybe once a year... maybe twice.... but that's all. mmmmmmm.

bleeding espresso said...

These look really, really good. I'm a big fan of banana and Nutella together--just love that combo!

Hope you had a wonderful World Nutella Day :)

Beatriz's suitcase contents said...

I like your practical mind! Love the simplicity of the recipe. Nutella! A good reason to wake up in the morning...

Anonymous said...

oh that looks good, can't wait to try it.