Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday Scribblings on Monday

I know, its not Sunday anymore but I couldn't pass up this opportunity to write about the prompt offered this week at Sunday Scribblings. . .solace.
in particular, the solace of memories.

If events are a feast, then memories are just a snack
To nourish my soul.
I vow then to take solace in them. I promise
I’ll nibble carefully and leave some for tomorrow.

The feel of your smooth, small arms around my neck and the
Kiss stuck to my cheek from the peach you just swallowed.

My head sprouting curly wires where a mane once flowed
And in the mirror it is Aunt Carmela, patron saint of garlic,
Whose face–and hair—I see.

The wet spot on my shoulder I felt when you hugged me the last time
Unrestrained tears and saliva a maternal dead end sign.

Why did he wait so long to correct my earnest belief
that he had wanted to be a ‘magician’ when it was music he craved?
I would have been his assistant when I grew up.

Your stoic note to the tooth fairy explaining how your tooth went missing
Due to my absentmindedness.

My unproven theory of genetic affinity
Giving you the same warm maple syrup color to your eyes as mine.

Routinely I maneuver my boat
Around and between the archipelago of memories.
A movable feast,
They always welcome me back and offer renewal.


Marianne said...

That, dear friend, was quite the feast, speaking of.... you really know how to evoke all manner of images and emotions.
Thank you :^)

danni said...

what a lovely piece --- i especially liked the archipelago of memories - wonderful portrait in my mind!!!

Tanya Gwen Minnick said...

very very nice, to write about memories! and the solace they can provide~ wonderful post

Julie Schuler said...

Your writing is so viscerally real. It's really wonderful, and it always feels so close, as if it were a little voice and climbed down the ladder of your throat and whispered it into your chest.

Nessa said...

Lovely thoughts and memories.

anno said...

What a lovely glimpse into these tender moments from your life -- a very satisfying feast!

Granny Smith said...

Dear friend,
This is full of memory, emotion, and just plain poetic ability! I love these glimpses into your life, past and present. You are an expert practitioner of concrete images that carry me into your experiences as if they were my own.

Thank you!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I like your new header. very very nice.

Blue said...

A touching post that touched many a cord with me!

As a fellow 'Bookie' I just HAD to tag you for this meme/tag - hope you'll play.


Inland Empire Girl said...

The idea of using feast and food images works so well the memories. It also works very well with the theme of solace.