Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Scribblings' Observations

I'm been known to observe:
After spending probably more time than necessary watching people, I have my own theory about faces: usually the first-born child strongly resembles the father. Then the subsequent children’s features are up for grabs. I may be stepping out on a limb here; I’d like to think I am about 90% correct.

Chin hairs that have been black thus far, eventually will turn gray in direct proportion to the number of gray hairs on one’s head. Eyebrows wait for that process to finish and then succumb to the lackluster hue. This is normal as set down in the owner’s manual.

Finding the Big Dipper in the northern sky on a dark night can actually calm one’s heartbeat, lower blood pressure and prevent nightmares if viewed at bedtime.

In fact, looking up is a good cure-all for many things with the possible exception of being short on funds. One should periodically look down because sometimes you’ll find money. A corollary to this is Jerry Seinfeld’s reason why dogs are always poor—they have no money, why? Because they have no pockets.

Germs die. This is the best advice my mother gave me. When I was eleven I had my first experience with a sort of OCD. I couldn’t tell my mom exactly what was wrong, because I didn’t know, nor that I couldn’t stop worrying about dying or couldn’t quit washing my hands because I was afraid of getting sick from touching the millions of wads of gum under my desks at school. She never knew. So I just asked casual questions about germs and illness, appealing to her on the level of her pharmacy studies. But she did say that she had learned that germs die rather quickly when exposed to air. That gave me a modicum of relief as I endured bouts of counting or hand washing and eventually this fear of disease passed, to be replaced later with more ingenious fears. But I have always remembered what she said because it was all she could offer me.

The holy water found in church tastes salty and I know because I was the one repeatedly scolded for sampling when I was in elementary school. Now I like to think it has some mystical connection to tears. However, using holy water does not a holy person make.

Speaking of water, everywhere I’ve lived, the water is colder coming from the tap in the bathroom than in the kitchen. Mysterious and annoying.

Finally, life is mysterious, circadian, wonderful and worthy of scrutiny whenever possible. Especially when afraid, thirsty or overjoyed with seeing oneself in the face of your child.


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Thinking is more interesting than knowing, but less interesting than looking.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Granny Smith said...

Oh, this is so wonderful - as usual! I love these glimpses into your past and into your mind. Your half- humorous , half-serious approach to these observations is delightful.


bobbie said...

Hmmmmm. Very interesting. Not necessarily all correct, but very interesting indeed.

Isn't it funny, the things we did NOT tell our mothers? When I first wanted to know where babies came from, Mom told me when a lady loves a man, the little seed of love grows into a baby. I lived in terror for a month or so because I had a crush on a boy, and knew I wasn't old enough to have a baby, but that seed of love was growing inside.

danni said...

interesting that the wads of gum gave you worry over germs, but you sampled the holy water anyway - as a kid it all makes perfect sense, doesn't it???

anno said...

Oh, your observations are wonderful, as always, and right on the mark. Count me as one of those eldest children who looks just like her father. Unfortunately.

Devil Mood said...

I loved your post! Made me think, and also laugh, and it will also make me observe next, so you've made a good deed writing it :)

Marianne said...

What Granny said :^)
I'm the youngest, and 2nd born and look my me dear da. (shootin' you down, babe :^) Aardron... while he does resemble his da, he also resembles my da, and therefore resembles me,heeee. I have strong genes I've passed along.
Germs. I had more than a spoonful of dirt in my life.... but I snorted about the holy water.
I'll check out the water temps in the different rooms. You might just have something there.
At my very poorest with 3 children, there were times when I didn't have more than a quarter to my name and whilst walking have found 20s and 10s. always when I needed it most.
I'm forever looking at the stars at night though, when it's clear enough to see them. My favourites, The North Star, also Pleides, always looked like a little question mark.

GreenishLady said...

I'm trying to remember did I put my gum under the desk? But, in all my visits to churches, I know that I never, ever, thought to sample the holy water.

I loved this post!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Gum wads! (shudder) Thank goodness your mom had something to offer you for comfort. Loved this post!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

did you have to mention chin hairs!