Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Calling all Gypsies!

'By its very nature, “Gypsy” implies
multiculturalism, given the vast

stretches of land the nomadic dwellers
have covered over the last 700 years.'

So, before Johnny Depp was a black-hearted pirate, he was a tormented Gypsy horseman. A further bit of trivia: I became a fan of Sally Potter films several years back after watching her The Man Who Cried, set in World War II Europe. But my interest in the Roma population began when I was a pre-schooler and had a friend named Sonya, the Gypsy girl who visited my grandmother with her colorful family. You can read about Sonya here.

Yesterday I found out about the DROMA Gypsy Festival to be held in New York City starting next week, September 24th through October 3rd. I caught wind of this event--that I won't be even close to attending--in an e-mail update from the group Eastern Blok. I have been following this Chicago 'Baltic fusion' group led by guitar virtuoso Goran Ivanovic--and I can say that because I've heard him play--since I lived in Chicago. They will be playing there! The festival will showcase twenty bands, 7 international, and sounds wonderful.


Granny Smith said...

Otto and I became fans of gypsy music when we lived in Romania in 1973. I've always loved the word "gypsy" which equates in my mind to wild and free. Although the gypsy music was ubiquitous in Romania, especially in restaurants and dance halls, the gypsies were at the very bottom of the social order. How fortunate you were to have a gypsy friend!

Granny Smith said...

P.S. I think the "It could happen to you" video in your sidebar is priceless!

bobbie said...

The video music was very different. I think I could like it. Will have to go back to it again.

European gypsies have had a very hard time. Discriminated against and persecuted = still are in many places

Strider said...

Kind of reminds me of the '60's music......hippy culture. Interesting.

Donna said...

Hahahaa....sorry, Nothing intellectual to say...can't get past the picture of Johnny Depp....Hahaa....night sweetie!hughugs

Marianne said...

Love the music, it strikes a deep chord in my soul, perhaps some other life time?
mmmm. can't help it. Johnny. Not just another pretty face but oh my goodness.

Jay said...

Ah .. The Man Who Cried. Wasn't he beautiful? We always said the director should have had him standing in a corner looking decorative when he wasn't needed. LOL!

I found the movie a bit frustrating because I couldn't empathise with either of them at the end. Can't say more without giving away plot for those who haven't seen it!

Gypsy music is great stuff!

Quiet Paths said...

We saw this movie just recently and I quite loved it. Oh, and Johnny was not bad to look at.

Funny, I just had a post about the Roma too. Must be in the cyber-air. Thanks for the visit; it's great to meet someone from our edge of the world.