Sunday, July 31, 2011

farewell to July, so long River

In the scheme of things, having a nose like Jimmy Durante isn't all bad. I mention this dubious insight because for the past couple of summers more and more Pelicans have been visiting the lakes nearby. I love watching them glide in the air, usually in pairs, and meander slowly looking for fish. Its easy for me to identify with the beak, being Italian and all. Having spent a large part of my life wishing I looked like somebody else in one form or another, it occurred to me that even though by our societal standards a pelican is homely, therefore not valuable,  blather the fact that they aren't pretty doesn't seem to matter a bit to them.
My last stone I'm skipping across the river is raised in honor of these fish-eating, beautiful birds who don't seem bothered by how they look. In fact, the only thing on their mind is fish at the moment. Its all good!


jabblog said...

They have a grace and elegance that makes them most appealing.

Snap said...

I adore pelicans. When I lived on Galveston Island, they would fly into *our* lake. So much fun to watch them. Such elegant wind catchers ...sailing along.

Daryl said...

I think pelicans are handsome birds ..

Ms. Becky said...

you've made Pelicans beautiful. thanks for sharing your month of stones, I loved every single one of them. it made July a more than special month. have a great week Noni.

Donna said...

OH how Beautiful Girl!!! Great shot! Your photos are Always so gorgeous!!

raf said...

It may be that a strange bird is the pelican, but they are graceful in flight and interesting in habits. Love to watch them.
Beautiful image, Noni!