Sunday, July 3, 2011

one small stone and a one small bun

First note the two inch high ears--the small stone I'm tossing in the river today. Amazing.
Along a walk to Caribou Coffee I saw this new rabbit  foraging in a vacant lot. Needless to say I almost missed him because he was so one with his surroundings. And don't think I didn't envy his/her lunch of dandelion greens too!
Happy weekend my bloggy friends! Keep watching and listening.


Snap said...

Cute little guy. I like his choice of greens, too!

jabblog said...

I'm always pleased to see rabbits:-)

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Awww -- so cute!

Wanda said...

Cute little guy. I think rabbits are adorable...but this one looks like he's in jail. ** sigh...**

Daryl said...

Lovely idea .. and a sweet bunny, good eye good catch