Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Y is for Yarrow--a mensch & yarrow--a flower

The yarrow is growing wild now along the path around the lake where I walk. Its delicate white flowers are my small stone for today. Hundreds of tiny white stars twinkle on each plant.
'We're part of a long train ride...'

Yarrow is also Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul & Mary, now and then. Who doesn't have a memory of this group if you've alive for at least 40 years? The trio has sung and marched for freedom, peace and understanding, not afraid to speak out against war and civil rights.
Peter wrote Puff the Magic Dragon, among many others. Since Mary Travers passed in 2009, Paul & Peter continue to make music. Visit my post here about the day Mary died and how I knew.
'As we Jews say, `let him be a mensch first; everything else will work out.' Peter Yarrow

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Roger Owen Green said...

I saw Peter and Paul last fall in Schenectady, NY. Good show!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Cloudia said...

nice one!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral


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Jingle said...

awesome shots.
bless your day.

Wanda said...

My kids always love to sing, Puff the Magic Dragon.

Kate said...

Years ago I was with a group with Augsburg College travelling to El Salvadore during a partiucular difficult time in that country's history. Peter Yarrow was one of the people with us...a good companion and one with a sensitive soicial conscience. I also taught a young woman names Yarrow so your post today resonates with me. Also interested in your concept of "small stones."

Hildred and Charles said...

Among my favourites, - Peter, Paul and Mary, - and I like yarrow in the garden too, although it is a little invasive!!!

helenmac said...

A unique combination for Y Day! Your description of a yarrow -- hundreds of tiny white stars.... -- sounds like a Yarrow song.

Dimple said...

I had several Peter, Paul, and Mary albums, and memorized many of the songs. I somehow missed the news of Mary's passing; her voice will remain in my memory!

I like yarrow, the plant, too. It's fresh leaves, crushed and rubbed on an insect bite, relieve the itching for a time. Very handy!

Leslie: said...

Peter, Paul, and Mary are part of my personal history, too. I was sad to hear Mary had passed away.

abcw team

photowannabe said...

A very interesting choice for the letter Y. I really loved Peter, Paul and Mary.
Small Stones...I like that conept.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful flowers.

Daryl said...

Such a good saying .. to be a mensch really is to be.

Gigi Ann said...

Who could forget Puff... I'm sure he brought many pleasure in his day, and even today, I think he is still around.

chubskulit said...

I have white yarrow in my garden too. I love the colors pink and yellow of it though.!

My ABC, please come and see.

Paula said...

Great post- loved the picture of yarrow, and the walk down memory lane!

Dhemz said...

great choice...I like those flowers.