Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All you umpires, back to the bleachers.
Referees, hit the showers.[falling leaves circled]
It’s my game.

I pitch, I hit, I catch. I run the bases.

At sunset, I’ve won or lost.

At sunrise, I’m out again, giving it the old try.~~ Ray Bradbury

Again with the reflections on the lake, I know. . .but. . .pink clouds and two contrails?! Besides, it was 29 degrees this a.m. when I said to hell with the gym and walked around Island Lake for a look see. I knew it would have changed in a week's time and I was right. Less foliage, less leaves, half clothed trees, frost, three Loons and a partridge in a pear tree a gôr'jəs sunrise. Baby blanket colors across the sky. A perfect morning but really, really cold and I hadn't planned accordingly. But, being resourceful, I made a bathroom stop at a grocery store nearby and bought a pair of stretchy gloves. I guess those merit badges I earned in Girl Scouts paid off after all.

A Tundra cartoon complete with spilled tea that I meant to post yesterday. I'm hoping it will still be funny today:
p.s. Neo-Nazis! Didn't your mothers teach you its not nice to plot to kill a presidential candidate? Get a job! That's all I have to say!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

you know how to capture everything just right.

indicaspecies said...

The past few days the temperature here has been in the twenties, and I too have spent more time outdoors rather than the gym. It's a pleasure to go through your posts.

- celine

Poopsie Blue said...

We too are having frost now, but the days are gloriously bright & sunny.

Hope all is well with you!

Marianne said...

Such beautiful photos, as always :^)
Love Ray.
Was your hat on your noggin?

(neo-nazis, I do believe it's time you had a sit down with your soul.. and delve deep, shame on you)