Thursday, October 9, 2008

Once upon a time. . .a Favorite Things Thursday fantasy

Thursday's Favorite Things comes with a little tale.
Read on....

Once upon a time on a fair autumn day, a princess of a certain age, turned yet a year older. On that very festive occasion warm wishes and legal tender came by post to cheer her and distract her from looming old age. She meticulously hid the bills and with a flourish snapped the coin purse shut. With a dreamy look she purposed to spend this money wisely instead of trying to hide her wealth by purchasing small and later forgotten memorabilia and chocolate snacks. This would be the year she threw aside the need to save for a rainy day, deciding that, of course that rainy day would eventually come before her next birthday, but what would she have to show that had made her blissfully happy during that year? Without further ado she summoned her carriage and traveled to her favorite antique store--where she usually let herself take a quick,longing glance then off to the nearest thrift store with her.

Well, not today! She knew where to find the little blue teapot that had sat on the shelf, lonely and dusty, a bit like herself. And there it sat! Without a second thought she swooped it up, negotiated a ridiculously lowered price for ownership of this darling and left the store with very little left in her purse but a look of true satisfaction on her surprisingly younger-looking countenance.

I'm in the middle of what looks like, sigh, another collection--tea pots this time. Below is one my mother gave me on the last visit I made home before she slipped into dementia and she still remembered how much I liked the artist, Marjolean Bastin. It is large enough to serve several cups of tea and is what I pull out when the weather turns nippy.

This little orphan I purchased at a yard sale last week for $.25. At first I thought it was a sweet pitcher then the little o-shape on its handle proved it had indeed lost its lid and I could relate!
Thanks to my friend Blue who hosts Favorite Things Thursday, her brainchild that has offered so much fun and inspiration, You can visit here.
Happy Thursday!

[quote/art by Donald Urquhart]


Blue said...

That is so well written; a lovely take on a Fav Thing.
As you know I love my tea, just wish my pot & accomplements were so pretty as yours.


And, TY for continuing to join in my meme.
It means a lot to me.
I like that my blog friends, and I mean friends play along; as others, ie outsiders I guess view Fav. Things as being a bit twee.

Marianne said...

Big smile here, your birthday :^), that sweet beautiful blue teapot, the happy flowers teapot... teapots!
What's not to love about teapots?

kouji said...

i especially like the blue one. great color. :)

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Sweet teapots! I finally did the sevens meme:
It did make me think!

Granny Smith said...

Just wait till you're my age! You're still a youngster. This is really cleverly written and fun. Darling teapots, a satisfying birthday gift all wrapped up as an enchanting fairy tale, albeit with tongue in cheek. I love the new look of your blog.

BTW I intend to post the meme you passed to me. Just haven't got around to it yet.

XXX Phyllis

Julie Schuler said...

Teapots always make me wish I liked tea. They make a very charming collection.

lila said...

I'm drinking a cup of pumpkin spice tea... and really like your Marjolean Bastien teapot!
Fun visiting your blog....I did a piece for the Fireside fancies art contest, too.